• SeattleInsider: Interview With Carey Fuller, Seattle Homeless Woman


    “Carey Fuller lives in a van in Seattle with her daughters. She’s an amazing woman. She doesn’t want a handout. She didn’t ask us for a house. She just wants a job.”




    That was all I had to read on hopemob.org to jump on board and use my skills as a videographer to help tell her story. HopeMob’s mission is to bring real change in the world through the social media community; it’s where “generous strangers unite to bring immediate hope to people with pressing needs all over the world.”


    Carey Fuller is currently the featured story on hopemob.org. All she asked for was three job interviews, an opportunity to show an employer that she has what it takes to help their business or organization. She’s sharp, she’s passionate, she’s honest and has a skill set that will make her a huge asset to any company looking for an amazing social media/online community manager.


    Do you know of a job opening that could help get this mother of two off the streets?

    Do you have clothes that might fit a 9-year-old (medium size in adults, or girls 18, size 9 women's shoe)?

    Do you have clothes that might fit a teenager (adult med - large, size 11 in women's shoes)?

    Or maybe an outfit that she could wear to an interview (size XL)?


    Contact me at mfox@kirotv.com so I can help you make the connection!

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