• SeattleInsider: From hot dogs to health: Vendor sheds 100 lbs, saves life

    By: Michael Fox


    Joe Bernstein is best known outside the ballpark for his trademark sales pitch, “Would you look at the size of this one?”

    That of course is him referring to his half-pound beef dog.  

    It’s the hot dog of all hot dogs.

    Bernstein owns and operates Joe’s Grilled Gourmet Dogs in SODO.

    He’s widely accepted by Seattle sports fanatics as the best hot dog chef in town.

    Each dog that Bernstein offers at his stand has a sports name associated with it.

    During the Seahawks season you can step up to his stand and order the “Largent Dog,” “Seagal Dog,” “Lynch Dog” -- names of Seattle sports icons who Bernstein honors with their very own hot dog.

    When it’s Mariners’ season Bernstein serves up, among others, the “Griffey Dog,” “Cano Dog” and “Felix Dog.”

    The irony of this hot dog vendor’s story is that three years ago he was given a death sentence from his doctor.

    He weighed 300 pounds, wore a size 44 pant, his cholesterol was 299 and he was diabetic.

    What would happen in the next year was a miracle.

    SeattleInsider takes you behind the scenes into the world of one of Seattle’s most colorful hot dog vendors.

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