• SeattleInsider: Great Horror Campout brings monsters and bloodbath to Black Diamond

    By: Michael Fox


    BLACK DIAMOND, Wash. - Blood-curdling screams, terrifying monster noises and high-octane horror are coming to a neighborhood near you this month, care of the Great Horror Campout.

    On July 25 and 26, a horror experience unlike any other will be visiting Black Diamond to take those brave enough to sign up, on a tortuous interactive camping experience.

    The Great Horror Campout is a 12-hour overnight adventure that will take place at Palmer Coking Coal Company.

    Campers can choose their level of engagement, from the “Chicken Zone,” where you roast marshmallows and watch horror movies, to the extreme horror experience where you are “fair game” all night long.

    The higher octane experience includes face-to-face encounters with your worst nightmares, bathing in the blood of “Pope Lick,” sacrificial voodoo rituals, and challenges that may lead to you being kidnapped, caged or chained up.

    The organizers of the Great Horror Campout write on their website, “campers will have the opportunity to meet a plethora of species that were only thought to have existed in legend.”

    The adventure is split up into different campgrounds based on your level of commitment to horror.

    All the content is strictly for entertainment purposes and organizers say that at no time will campers be in any real danger.

    They do however suggest you pack an extra pair (or two) of underwear just in case you are relegated to joining the unfortunate group who experiences  that wicked  sensation of urine trickling down the inner thigh.

    I pose the question to you Seattle, do you have what it takes to conquer the Great Horror Campout?

    Click here for more information about the Great Horror Campout.

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