• Seattle wading pool closed for possible norovirus


    SEATTLE - Seattle Parks and Recreation closed the Lincoln Park wading pool Friday after a group of children became sick after being in it, officials said. 

    According to officials, Seattle and King County Public Health suspected the children may have contracted the norovirus, which causes diarrhea and vomiting. Seattle Parks and Recreation were notified around 11 a.m., after the pool had opened for the day. 

    The wading pool was closed for the day and for extensive and thorough cleaning.

    "We immediately closed the pool," said Aquatics Manager Kathy Whitman. "And began a thorough cleaning process with high concentrations of chlorine. We are disinfecting every possible surface."

    The Lincoln Park wading pool will reopen Saturday. 

    "We are extremely cautious when it comes to water safety," Whitman said. "If we are aware that a wading pool has become contaminated with stool or vomit, we close the pool, clean it and re-fill it. We had no indication on Tuesday that the wading pool at Lincoln Park had any possible contamination." 

    Norovirus is highly contagious, and is spread by getting the vomit or stool of someone who is infected in your mouth, which can happen by swimming in contaminated waters, eating foods that are contaminated, touching surfaces with the norovirus on it, or by having contact with someone who is infected.

    All of Seattle Parks and Recreation’s wading pools are chlorinated and chemical levels are checked hourly. 

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