• Seattle soldier receiving Medal of Honor after Army mix-up

    By: John Knicely


    SEATTLE - A Seattle man is receiving the nation’s highest military honor for his heroics in a 2009 battle in Afghanistan, but he likely should have already received it.  An Army mix-up delayed Capt. William Swenson from getting the honor he deserves.

    Swenson was training Afghan forces in eastern Afghanistan in September 2009 when 50-60 Taliban insurgents attacked.  He repeatedly drove back to the ambush site to recover fallen troops despite being injured.

    Swenson was first nominated for the Medal of Honor in December 2009, but a McClatchy newspaper investigation found the Army lost some of his paperwork.  The Army blamed a bureaucratic foul-up because of high turnover in personnel.  KIRO 7 asked the White House for a comment on the mix-up, but hasn't received one.

    Swenson is now out of the military and living in Seattle. KIRO 7 went to his apartment Monday but couldn't reach him, but his father indicated William might not want to talk about receiving the Medal of Honor.

    The White House released this comment from Swenson:

    "It's a monumental event for me, for my family and for my teammates. This day also meansw a lot to those I served with."

    Swenson and his family will be at the White House on Oct.15 to receive the medal he deserves.

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