• Seattle mayor announces more locations for school zone cameras

    By: Jeff Dubois


    School zone speed cameras in Seattle have nailed more than 30,000 drivers speeding through school zones since December, adding up to $5.75 million in fines.

    On Tuesday, Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn highlighted the success of the program and announced the city will install five new school zone cameras in various parts of Seattle.

    The cameras, which are connected to sensors in the road, detect drivers going over the 20 mph speed limits during school hours.

    What started as a pilot program at four Seattle schools has turned into a cash cow for the city.

    The money will be spent on new cameras at Bailey Gatzert Elementary on East Yesler, Dearborn Park Elementary on South Orcas Street, Nathan Eckstein Middle School in Wedgewood, Roxhill Elementary on Southwest Roxbury in South Seattle, and Holy Family Parish School, also on Southwest Roxbury.

    McGinn said the speed zone cameras aren’t just a revenue success, they’re also a public safety success in the impacted areas.

    “They’ve led to a combined 16 percent reduction in citations for speeding,” said McGinn.

    But the Mayor’s Office, Seattle Department of Transportation and SPD couldn’t provide  much data to show whether the program is truly making a difference.

    Nevertheless, McGinn plans to spend money collected from speeding tickets to fund more studies and road improvement projects at every public school in Seattle.

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