• Seattle school board candidate speaks against homosexuality

    By: KIRO 7 Staff


    SEATTLE - A school board candidate’s views on homosexuality were made public this week after a letter she sent to the late Cheryl Chow was sent to reporters.

    LaCrese Green, 70, is running for the Seattle School Board seat in District 5, which covers Central Seattle and Capitol Hill. Chow, a longtime Seattle City Councilwoman and Seattle School Board member, died of brain cancer in March.

    When her illness was terminal, Chow announced she was a lesbian – a secret she had kept for decades in part, Chow said, because of her culture and concern of how her family would react. Chow said she discussed her sexuality before her death so that others wouldn’t have to face similar difficulties.

    Green’s letter from last October acknowledged she had Chow had disagreements, saying Green fought bitterly for her views, “but I never considered you a personal enemy.”

    “To hear of your medical problems saddens me,” Green wrote, “but to think of you as a lesbian is troubling in that I don’t want to believe it. It’s more troubling because of my personal belief is that it won’t go well for you in the hereafter.”

    Green told KIRO 7 she intended the letter to be an apology for her personal attacks in previous disagreements with Chow. When asked if the letter was homophobic, Green replied, "I gave her a way to get to heaven and there ain't anything fearful about that."

    Green said she believes homosexuality is a sin.

    "My culture teaches against that," Green said. "I have a Godly heritage, my folks were Christians and so forth and we were taught to believe the Bible, what the Bible says we believe. Therefore, if you call that homophobic, that's fine with me."

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