• Seattle police searching for cop impersonator

    By: David Ham


    SEATTLE - Seattle police said a man who claimed to be a sworn officer robbed another man early Sunday morning.

    "The victim couldn't really see what was going on.  He said the suspect said, 'Seattle police -  give me your driver's license and registration,'"said Detective Renee Witt of Seattle Police Department.

    Witt said the fake cop also flashed a flashlight into the driver's side window of the man who was just getting home and parking at a lot off of Fifth and Blanchard.

    "The suspect was fiddling or pretending as if he was talking on a police radio," said Witt.

     The police impersonator persuaded the man in the car to roll down his window. That's when the fake officer demanded money.

    The victim got out of his car and was punched twice by the impersonator, receiving a bloody lip and swollen chin.

    "The victim grabbed his phone to call the police and the suspect took the phone from his hand. The suspect demanded money in return for the phone. The victim refused and ran from the scene and called police," said Witt.

    Axen Nein lives in the building next to the parking lot where the robbery happened. He said he saw another man who may have been impersonating an officer in the same area a few weeks ago.

    "I saw someone that looks like a police across the street. The guy didn't have a car and there was no light on and I was kind of curious about it," said Nein.

    The police impersonator is described by Seattle police as a black man in his late 30s-40s, with a stocky build, black/gray beard  andwearing a denim jacket with blue jeans and a hat.

     "Off-duty police officers, if they're going to contact someone in a situation, you can always ask again for identification with a badge and their actual picture ID or they're a police officer or police detective," said Witt.

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