• Double murder suspect gives himself up to Assistant Police Chief

    By: Chris Legeros


    SEATTLE - Seattle Mayor Ed Murray and Interim Police Chief Harry Bailey delivered the news personally to homeowners along 29th Avenue South, near King Street.

    A man suspected of shooting and killing two people on the street Sunday morning was behind bars. 26-year-old Matalepuna Malu gave himself up to an assistant police chief outside the public safety building.

    Chief Nick Metz said, “He was standing outside. I’m assuming he was preparing to turn himself in. I recognized him from the bulletin. I asked him his name. He confirmed who he was. I took him into custody without incident.”

    It was the end of a terrifying day for residents who heard the shots fired outside their Leschi homes around 2:30 a.m.

    Michael Cohen said, “It’s scary to have it be so close, and to hear it happen, it’s a little nerve wracking.” 

    Aaron Roberts said he was ready to give up on the neighborhood.  After a series of shootings in South Seattle this spring, he doesn't want to get caught in the crossfire.

    Roberts said, “I’m not staying for this anymore.”

    The police chief and mayor said they're working to see whether the shootings are connected, and whether they are gang related.

    Murray said, “We don’t have the facts, so it’s just not good to speculate, but we’re trying to understand that.”

    They are also trying to build trust with local residents so that crime witnesses will work with officers in offering up the identity of suspected criminals like Malu.

    Todd Rickdal appreciated the personal visit from the mayor and police chief so soon after a serious crime occurred outside his front door.

    He said, “It’s kind of cool.  I’m glad to see them here.  It makes me feel better about being here.”

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