• Seattle police: Officer protects crowd from two eagles 'erotically-entwined'


    SEATTLE, Wash. - A Seattle police officer put herself between a crowd and the sharp talons of ‘two erotically-entwined eagles’ on Wednesday, according to police.

    Officer Flick was driving past Leschi Park on Wednesday afternoon when she saw a group of people surrounding two bald eagles lying on nearby pavement.

    A man who witnessed the eagles’ appearance told police the birds appeared to 'spiral mid-air' together before descending into the park.

    One man, knowledgeable about eagles, said he believed the birds had locked talons and become stuck during a mating ritual.

    Officer Flick called the Seattle Animal Shelter for help with the birds.

    Before assistance arrived, the birds were able to free themselves from their place on the pavement.

    'I felt wind on my face and heard flapping,' Officer Flick wrote. 'The two were taking off in flight together. Both birds then flew off, together, southbound.'

    Police say the crowd burst into applause. 

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