• Seattle police detail plan for May Day

    By: David Ham


    SEATTLE - Local anarchists have announced they'll target big business as a part of their May Day protests.

     Puget Sound Anarchists have posted a call for protestors to rally in front of a building where investment bank Goldman Sachs has an office in downtown Seattle.

    Seattle police says officers will be prepared at that location and others around the city on Wednesday.

     "We've done an assessment of likely targets and there will be officers posted in those locations. We can't possibly post at every potential window there's a lot of windows in the city but we can certainly to a risk assessment and staff to where we think those incidents might occur and create contingencies under those areas we may have missed," said Capt. Chris Fowler of the Seattle Police Department.

     Aside from a peaceful protest to the Federal Building during the day, local anarchists are also planning a protest beginning at Pine and Broadway at 6 p.m. The anarchists have not announced a route for May Day.

     "The marches are taking place at different times so this year is substantially different than last year in many different respects," said Fowler.

     Seattle police says it is adding extra staff for this year's May Day but would not reveal any specifics.

     Last year anarchists caused tens of thousands of dollars in damage and even triggered a civil emergency.

     The mayor's office says this year, the city will wait until it's necessary to issue a civil emergency based on the facts.


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