• Seattle Pacific University students pray, support each other after shooting

    By: Chris Legeros


    SEATTLE - The last day of classes were canceled at Seattle Pacific University, after three students were shot on campus Thursday. 

    Students instead gathered on the grounds to hug and support each other near a sign that read, “We will overcome this."

    “I’m a wreck," senior Chelsui Armstrong said. 

    She confessed she didn’t sleep after the attack.  Many admit they were traumatized by the shooting at Otto Miller Hall.

    The building is still closed, and surrounded by police tape as cleaning crews mop up inside. 

    “I feel like I was in shock all day yesterday and kind of today,” graduate student Brianna Piedmonte said.

     She brought flowers to a memorial at 3rd Avenue West and West Nickerson to remember the fellow student who died and the two who were wounded. 

    “I just feel like the foundation’s rocked, and there’s nothing else I can do except for respect someone,” Piedmonte said.

    At noon Friday, the First Free Methodist Church on campus was filled. 

    Students prayed for those hurt, for the man who pulled the trigger, and for each other.

    They heard from Bob Zurinsky, the assistant director of university ministries. 

    “We live in a world that is broken, and there are no easy answers,” he said.

    Immediately after the service, a large group of students prayed and sometimes laughed together. 

    They remembered Paul Lee, the student who died; he had lived on their dorm floor.

    One of them said, “We all love Paul.” 

    Chelsui Armstrong said she and others found comfort and strength in being with each other. 

    “To have a community to grieve with, it’s huge. It’s still just as hard, but to have people who are going through the same things, and feeling the same heavy heart, it’s huge,” Armstrong said. 

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