• Seattle mayoral candidates try to win over undecided voters

    By: Deborah Horne


    SEATTLE - With Election Day less than two weeks away, Seattle's mayoral candidates spent Sunday trying to woo undecided voters. An exclusive KIRO poll shows the number of undecided voters is 38 percent. That's a larger percentage than those who have already aligned with either candidate.

    "First of all, let me tell you it is good to be back in West Seattle," said Sen. Ed Murray.

    Murray held what amounted to an old-fashioned campaign rally at a pizzeria in West Seattle, showcasing just who is supporting him, including fellow legislators, other elected officials, a union president, too. All were there to help him become the city's next mayor.

    "And I think there is nothing more important we can do a week and a half from now than elect Ed Murray to be our mayor," David Rolf, SEIU president said to loud applause.

    The man who already has the job greeted a handful of undecided at a pizzeria on Seattle's Capitol Hill.

    "What are the rules in all these neighborhoods that they can and can't do?" asked Neal Myerson. He happened by with his family but he, too, is still making up his mind.

    "I want someone bold," Myerson told KIRO 7. "I was going to go with 'Hey, look. After four years, this term's going to different or I'm going down trying.' Where's that guy?"

    Mike McGinn claimed to be ''that guy'' when he announced his ongshot candidacy in 2008 in the very same place.

    "On a lot of issues, you guys sound like you're in the same place," Kay Sneed said to McGinn at Sunday's town hall gathering.

    And four years later, Sneed told us she is undecided too. Still, she says she will make up her mind come Election Day.

    "I will," said Sneed, laughing. "I hope it's not an eeny, meeny, miney, mo. No, I will. But I have to do more searching."

    Apparently a lot people feel like that. But Kay Sneed and the rest of Seattle's voters will have to decide by Election Day. And that is just nine days away.

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