• Seattle mayor gives ultimatum on minimum wage

    By: Essex Porter


    Workers pressed on with their demands for a $15 an hour minimum wage, as the mayor gave his Income Inequality Committee a deadline to reach an agreement by next Thursday. “Council's ready to act, I'm ready to act. My hope is that giving folks a deadline will get us to an agreement.” Mayor Ed Murray said.

     City Council member Bruce Harrell serves on the committee “Trying to come up with a consensus, I can say with a great deal of confidence that I think we are there, almost,” Harrell said.

     But groups on both sides have already filed ballot initiatives that voters might see in November. So what happens if contradictory initiatives pass?

     “If one passed with 60 percent and the other passed with 55 percent the one that got 60 percent would be the one that would become law,” according to John Schochet of the City Attorney’s Office.

    The lawyer for the group 15Now believes the winning initiative with the most votes will take precedence, but parts of other initiatives that get a smaller majority could also take effect.

    “I think a judge will go through clause by clause and the clauses that conflict will not go into effect,” said Cleveland Stockmeyer.

    City Council Member Nick Licata also serves on the Mayor’s Inequality Committee. “There’s a way out, Licata says, “A way out where you literally take elements that are not contradictory to each other and move forward on them.”


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