• Seattle man charged for 'violent home invasion'

    By: Casey McNerthney , KIRO 7 STAFF


    A felon with a history of bizarre behavior has been charged with kicking in the window of a North Seattle home during what prosecutors describe as a “terrifying home invasion.”

    The incident happened March 2 in the 11300 block of 35th Avenue Northeast in Seattle. Police say Bruce Shryers broke a living room window and demanded to be let in.

    “This was no ordinary residential burglary,” King County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Ian Ith wrote in charging documents. “This was a terrifying home invasion.

    The defendant came to the victims’ home uninvited earlier in the evening and kicked out a window, well aware that the residents were home. He then returned some four hours later and burst through a window even as a resident victim warned him not to enter. He then bizarrely and disturbingly began to help himself to the victim’s kitchen even as she demanded that he leave”

    He even persisted in his crime after police arrived, investigation documents show.

    Shryers has a history of violence. He has gone between Seattle and Salt Lake City, and he has a history of fourth-degree assault and property destruction in Seattle in 2002. He also has a history of vehicle theft in Utah.

    “In April 2011, he was back in Seattle, where he jumped in front of a woman’s car in a Crown Hill parking lot without any apparent provocation, and then jumped up and down on the hood, damaging it,” Ith wrote. “He also poured beer all over the windshield. Mr. Shryers then went into traffic on Holman Road and was playing 'chicken' with vehicles while chugging beer and throwing cans at cars until police arrived. He then took a swing at one of the officers.”

    That led to a conviction for attempted malicious mischief in King County District Court. In the current charging documents, Ith wrote that Shryers has a long history of noncompliance with the active probation in the case. In Dec. 2013, Shryers was arrested for his violations.

    Prosecutors believe Shryers is a flight risk and has a danger of committing further violence.

    Shryers’ arraignment, where he’s expected to enter a plea, is March 19.

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