• Seattle firefighter charged with child rape

    By: Alison Grande


    SEATTLE, Wash. - A veteran Seattle firefighter is charged with child rape.

    Prosecutors say 52-year old Michael Sulak is charged with three counts of child rape for having sex with a 15-year old girl.  Court documents say Sulak admitted having sex with the teen four times.

    Sulak, who goes by “Suey” worked at Station 8 on Queen Anne.

    He is well-known among firefighters for his firehouse cooking.

    Prosecutors say Sulak raped the teen he met through a theater group where he lives in Whatcom County.   Court documents say the teen's father became suspicious and called police.  According to court documents, the teen  had sex with Sulak on the catwalk during a play at Meridian High School in Bellingham - twice.

    In December, the teen ran away from home.  Prosecutors say Sulak brought her to Seattle when he had to work for his two-day shift.  The teen told investigators they had sex in his truck parked near the fire station.  Sulak is also charged with unlawful harboring of a minor.

    Sulak lives in Ferndale, and he's a married father of four.  A KIRO 7 crew drove to Ferndale Tuesday to talk to Sulak.  They found "no tresspassing" signs at his driveway.  He hasn't returned phone calls.

     The Seattle Fire Department issued a statement, "The Seattle Fire Department is aware of the arrest of a Seattle Firefighter.  He has been on disability for an injury since Feb. 8. He has been placed on administrative leave."

     Sulak made more than $102,0000 last year. He bailed out of the Whatcom County Jail. He’ll be arraigned on the charges on Friday morning.

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