• Seattle DJ disappears on Halloween night


    SEATTLE - A young DJ who works at clubs and teen dances in the Seattle area has not been seen for eight days. 

    Twenty-two-year-old Leon Hall, also known as DJ Blue, was last seen at Club Volume in Pioneer Square late Halloween night. He was kicked out of the club around 12:30 a.m. for being disorderly. 

    Hall's friends say he hasn't responded to any texts or calls since then. They say that he would never go eight days without contacting anyone, unless something was seriously wrong. 

    "He always has his phone with him, because that's his life, so he's usually quick to respond to anything," Hall's friend Anthony Haddad said. "I've never had to wait." 

    "He would tell us, Don't worry about me, I'll be back, its OK," Alex Sinclair said. "But he hasn't." 

    Hall's birthday was on Tuesday. 

    The Seattle Police Department confirmed that a report was filed last Friday by Hall's family. Detectives are actively investigating his disappearance. 

    Hall's friends said that he does not have enough money to suddenly take a vacation. They also said that he is addicted to Facebook. The fact that his last post was before he disappeared worries them. 

    "If he hurt himself, has amnesia, is he wandering where no one's looking," Sinclair said, "whatever the situation might be, I hope he's out there and perfectly safe." 

    Hall's friends have have put up posters with his picture all over Seattle. 

    If you know anything about this case, contact Seattle Police.

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