• David Blackmer, cyberstalking cop, paid $83K after arrest

    By: KIRO 7 STAFF


    Quick Facts: 

    • Seattle detective paid $83,344 in months after his arrest for cyberstalking.
    • Paid time included when detective, David Blackmer, was in jail.
    • Blackmer now suing to get his job back.
    • Suit claims department violated union contract by firing him.

    David Blackmer – the former Seattle cop who cyberstalked  his mistress – collected more than $83,000 in a taxpayer-funded salary in the months after his arrest, records obtained by KIRO 7 show.
    That 10-month period includes the time when Blackmer sat in jail, convicted of a gross misdemeanor. He was sentenced to 90 days.
    It was late July 2013 when investigators arrested Blackmer, saying he cyberstalked a woman by creating a Facebook account.
    Blackmer posted photos of himself having sex with the woman – not his wife, but the one who came to came to his house to confront him. The woman told police that she thought Blackmer was following through with verbal threats that he would get back at her and “ruin her life.”
    Blackmer pleaded guilty to felony cyberstalking on Dec. 17 and the following month he was sentenced to 90 days in jail. He did not lose his right to carry a gun.
    In February – a month Blackmer spent in jail – he was paid $7,817, records obtained by KIRO 7 show. Every month until May, Blackmer was paid at least $8,000, according to those records, which were obtained through a public document request.
    In the 10 months from Blackmer’s arrest to when he was fired from the Seattle Police Department, he collected $83,344.27, records obtained by KIRO 7 show.
    That’s at least $30,000 more than the median Seattle household income, according to the most recent data available on the city’s website.
    And Blackmer wants his job back.
    The Seattle Police Department put Blackmer on paid administrative leave while the Office of Professional Accountability investigated his case. By policy, the OPA investigation started after the criminal investigation was completed.
    Blackmer was fired May 5. But Blackmer has said the firing violated his union contract that requires OPA to complete its investigation within 180 days and he’s suing the department.
    In other words, because the city didn’t fire him soon enough Blackmer could get his job back.
    Blackmer did not return multiple calls from KIRO 7.
    Police Officers Guild president Ron Smith said Blackmer is right about the timeline and the guild will represent him in arbitration.
    Contacted Monday to ask about Blackmer’s $83,000 salary and the potential for him to be re-hired as an officer, spokesman Sgt. Sean Whitcomb said he had “no official response because this is still an active personnel matter.”

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