• Seattle cop killer released, arrest for crack possession

    By: Casey McNerthney


    A Seattle cop killer who was released on community supervision was arrested early Wednesday for crack possession.

    Quentin Ervin, 36, killed Seattle police officer Antonio Terry in 1994. Terry was working undercover when he stopped to help a car on a darkened freeway ramp. One of the men – either Ervin or Eric Smiley – recognized Terry as a police officer. A witness said Smiley fired the fatal shot, though prosecutors content it remains unclear.

    Terry also fired that night striking Ervin, and drove himself to a nearby police precinct. Deputy Chief Nick Metz has recalled that Terry was calm before his condition worsened that night.

    Smiley was sentenced to 33 years. Ervin pleaded guilty in 2008 to first-degree murder and received a 20-year prison term. Before Ervin's guilty plea, prosecutors wanted an aggravated murder charge that would have put him away for life. But U.S. Supreme Court rulings changed aspects of the law.

    Most of Ervin's 20-year sentence in 2008 already had credit for time served, which led to his release on Department of Corrections supervision.

    Ervin was with two other felons when their car was stopped for a traffic violation shortly after midnight near 48th Avenue South and South Henderson Street.

    One of the others had a $10,000 Seattle Municipal Court warrant, and the other had a felony assault warrant.

    The car was impounded, and Ervin is expected to face penalties for violating his DOC terms. All three have a bail hearing Friday afternoon.

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