• Seattle considering laws concerning unmanned drones

    By: Rob Munoz


    SEATTLE - The Seattle City Council told KIRO 7 they’re exploring laws that would mirror FAA regulations and allow Seattle police to make arrests on any infractions for drones.

    They said this is a follow up to last week’s incident in which a drone flown by an Amazon worker reportedly struck the Space Needle.

    No one was hurt in that incident, but a spokesperson for Councilmember Bruce Harrell’s office said they want the FAA to hurry and pass more legislation concerning drones.

    As of now, FAA regulations says drones cannot be flown for commercial use, have to remain below 400 feet, can’t fly near airports and they have to remain in the pilot’s line of sight.

    Seattle Police told KIRO 7 they can only remind people to abide by FAA regulations, but they can’t make arrests for infractions.

    Drone pilot Kamil Slusarski showed KIRO 7 video he shot with his own device flying around the Space Needle, but he agrees there should me more delineation about who can use drones and where.

    "I think that they should be accessible to everyone, but I think that there needs to be a little more clarity on the rules around flying around people or the public,” Slusarski says.

    Slusarski has piloted his own drone for personal use as a photographer, but  he says it’s experience flying and not an amateur hobby that says should be that line.

    As of now, the Seattle City Council is still exploring their options with the City Attorney’s office, and they want to propose legislation when they feel they have it right.

    Slusarski says you can probably expect to see more drones soon.

    "They're not just being used to spy on people or annoy people, there's really a true value to society that we could get from these, because it's going to be the new wave of filmmaking,” he says.

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