• Seattle Center shooting victim says he stayed 'cool and calm'


    SEATTLE -  The man who was hit during Saturday’s Seattle Center shooting sat down with KIRO 7 Eyewitness News to tell his story on how he stayed cool and calm during the incident.


    KIRO 7 reporter Alison Grande contacted Ryan Burr, 33, through Facebook, and he told his story about getting shot in the leg.


    “I really didn’t feel a bullet tearing through me, I didn’t feel that. I didn’t know I was shot,” Burr said. “Gunfire rang out. I only heard one or two shots. I saw no fight, no person, no gun.”


    Burr told KIRO 7 that a woman took off her sweater, wrapped it around his leg and then applied pressure. He said he had never met her.


    A KIRO 7 photographer was first at the scene right after the shooting happened. Burr watched the footage of what happened when he was being treated.


    “That’s crazy. My right hand is full of blood,” Burr said.


    As Burr was being treated, he was on his phone with a friend who works at Harborview Medical Center.


    “She’s like, ‘Shut up Ryan, shut up,” Burr said. “I was telling them for the fourth time, I have been shot. She was refusing to believe it.”


    Police chased down the suspect and arrested him in the Seattle Center House.


    Investigators said he was shooting at a man who'd hit him with a skateboard, but the bullet struck Burr.


    “Out of the whole crowd, no one started to duck,” said Burr. “I think it’s extremely rare and unlikely and don’t have any pretense that it would happen again. I’m not panicked that I feel I have to pack up my bags and go live with my parents in suburban Ohio.”


    The suspect was booked for investigation of assault and is expected to make an appearance in court on Tuesday. 

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