• Seattle businessmen buy up ‘pot' domain names

    By: Deborah Horne


    SEATTLE - Daniel Brooks describes his longtime friend, Wayne Dixon as the "Marijuana Domain Name King," who came to him a year and a half ago with an offer he couldn't refuse:  To help buy up Internet domain names for the burgeoning -- legal -- marijuana business. 

    "It just means we invest in digital and on line real estate which is another name for domain names," said Dixon.

    "We look at it," added Brooks, "as like a virtual real estate where a domain name is an address, basically an address for a particular website." 

    They researched what names will be in demand. 

    "Not just here in the state of Washington, the state of Colorado for the medical and recreational aspect," said Brooks. "But the world." 

    And, they say, the world is already calling.

    "We are now in negotiations from California, Switzerland, Australia, New York on some of our names," said Dixon. 

    Indeed, they have bought up more than 200 marijuana domain names.  Names like "Hindu Kush marijuana, Hip Hop marijuana, Jamaica marijuana." 

    Some went for as little as 11 bucks.  They expect they'll fetch much more than that on the open market.

    "As a matter of fact," said Dixon, "The latest appraisal on just 'marijuana.com,' just the name, is worth a million bucks.  Oh, yes, oh yes!" 

    "Do you have marijuana.com?" I asked. 

    "No. No. No. No," he said, laughing.

    And the two men haven't quit their day jobs  yet. 

    But they say they hope their investment will pay off someday soon.       

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