• Seattle Art Museum cashes in on Super Bowl bet with Denver


    SEATTLE - After the Seahawks brought home the Lombardi trophy with a huge win over the Broncos, the Denver Art Museum is paying its debt to the Seattle Art Museum.

    For the next three months, Seahawks fans and art fans can see an iconic and celebrated bronze sculpture in Seattle.

    And if you visit SAM Wednesday and wear some Seahawks gear, you can get in for free.

    Frederic Remington's Broncho* Buster is a symbol of the West and what the artist was widely known for.

    The piece was cast in 1902 and almost immediately became an acclaimed and important work of art.  It was displayed in the window of Tiffany and Company in New York and 500 copies were soon cast.

    One copy is in the Oval Office, but the statue displayed at the Seattle Art Museum is the original.

    The wager with Denver was the first SAM has ever made.  Now, the museum is reaping the reward with the art loan from Denver.

    The sculpture will be returned to the Denver Art Museum after the three-month loan.

    *Broncho was the conventional spelling at the time of the sculpting.

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