• Search for Susan Cox Powell ends in Oregon

    By: Chris Legeros


    Salem, Ore. - After two days of searching near Salem, Ore., police said they found no trace of Susan Cox Powell.

     The woman disappeared from her home in West Valley City, Utah, in December 2009. Her husband Josh, was considered a "person of interest" in her disappearance, but he killed his two sons and himself last year.

     Recently, Susan's father, Chuck Cox, got an anonymous tip that investigators should check out 180 acres in the Scotts Mills area of Oregon. Josh had a connection with the place, an aunt and uncle who rented the property up until a year ago. West Valley City police said they developed other information pointing to that location, so they searched the grounds with dogs. There was no evidence of human remains.

      Deputy Chief Mike Powell said investigators also spoke with the previous residents. Powell said, "We are fairly convinced at this point that there was no involvement on their part."

     Powell also said after more than three years of searching for Susan, there are fewer leads to follow.

     He's hoping someone will offer new information that will lead them to the missing woman.


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