• Violent felon remains at large after Marysville search

    By: Gary Horcher


    Near MARYSVILLE, Wash. - A massive search team with the Snohomish Violent Offender Task Force scoured a wooded area west of Marysville for more than four hours Tuesday.  Yet, two specially-equipped helicopters, two-dozen law-enforcement officers and several tracking dogs failed to find the convicted felon.

     Even though he’s considered violent and dangerous, the Snohomish County Sheriff department told KIRO 7 they would not release his name.

    “We can’t confirm his ID until he’s arrested,” said Snohomish County’s Shari Ireton, who would only say the man was 38 years old, and accused of stealing a motorcycle.

     But with the suspect on the run, people who know him told KIRO 7, neighbors should be concerned.

    “He’s a bad man, he’s a dangerous criminal, and he’s totally unpredictable,’’ an associate of the suspect told KIRO 7' on condition of anonymity.

    “Neighbors around the west side of Marysville should definitely lock their doors. He’s still in the woods somewhere,” the associate said.

     “We asked the deputies who they were looking for,” said Liisa Wright, who owns a home nearby.

    “They only told us he stole a motorcycle and ditched it in the woods.  I figured it was more than that,” she said.

     Deputies told neighbors the man is six feet tall with tattoos, wearing a dirty white t-shirt.

     Associates of the wanted man say he has been convicted of drive-by shooting, assault, threatening lives and more.

     The anonymous associate of the wanted man told KIRO7 - he’s very smart. “I hope they catch him, but I’m not surprised they didn’t,” he said.

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