• PHOTO: Burglary suspect who fled on Seattle waterfront

    By: Chris Legeros


    SEATTLE, Wash. - Police cars lined the street in front of Pier 69 Sunday night. 

    Officers were patrolling the sidewalk outside of the Port of Seattle offices with assault rifles.

    A Harbor Patrol boat was in the water looking for a burglary suspect under the pier. 

    Seattle police officer Patrick Michaud said earlier in the evening that a man dialed 911 to report that a burglar was trying to climb up to his third floor balcony. 

    The condo owner chased the burglar down to the waterfront and backed off only after the burglar claimed he had a gun. 

    A couple of Australian tourists spotted the suspect as he ran toward the Port's headquarters.

    Shirley Carney said, “He actually climbed over the side of the wharf and around the back of the wharf area.” 

    Officers looked inside and around the building for two hours.

    They brought in a police K9 unit. At one point, they threatened to release the dog if the suspect didn't give himself up. 

    A warning blared over a public address system:  “If you don’t come out, you may get bit.”   

    Whale watchers on board the Victoria Clipper III couldn't get off the vessel until the search was finished. 

    They circled Elliott Bay for several hours until police told them it was safe to dock.

    Officers never found the suspect. 

    They described him as a white man, in his mid to late 20’s.

    He was wearing a white shirt with dark pants and a dark sweatshirt tied around his waist.

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