• Seahawks too good for prime time home games?

    By: Henry Rosoff


    SEATTLE - The NFL seems to think the 12th Man is may be too much of an advantage. 

    CBS Sports is reporting the reason Seattle only got one prime time home game this year is because the NFL wants to avoid a Seahawks blowout on national TV, which would lead to lower ratings. 

    The only home game in prime time is the Sept. 4 season opener against the Packers.  The final three prime time games versus the Redskins, 49ers and Cardinals are all on the road.

    However, the blowout concerns are real.  In their two home prime time games last season, the Hawks won by 26 and 27 points.  On the road, they won by 12 Thursday night against the Cardinals, and squeaked out a 5-point Monday night nail-biter against the Rams.

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