• Seahawks get heroes' welcome upon return


    RENTON, Wash. - Though Seahawks Nation was dealt a big blow with Sunday’s loss to the Falcons, the 12th man gave the players high fives and hugs as they arrived from Atlanta.


    It was an exhilarating game, but in the end, an excruciating loss.


    Nonetheless, dozens of fans were at the team's headquarters in Renton to welcome the team home after a hard-fought season.


    No doubt it was a quiet flight and bus ride home for the players, but it wasn't quiet when the team arrived home.


    Fans lined the parking lot chanting and cheering.


    Some of the players, including offensive lineman Russell Okung, even came out for pictures and handshakes.


    One Hawks fan said he hasn't seen this much excitement for a team since the Sonics went to the NBA Finals in 1996.


    “I haven't seen any action like this since with a team.  Even with a loss, this is beautiful.  The town's turned up, man.  We'll be back next year.  We'll be back next year,” said fan Joey Tobuba.


    That’s what eases the pain a bit for fans and probably for the players too, the confidence and belief that the Seahawks will be back next year with this young, energetic, hard-playing team.


    In fact, even NFL experts were saying after the game that the team is going to be one to reckon with for years to come.

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