• Seahawks fans clamor for coveted tickets

    By: Gary Horcher


    TUKWILA, Wash. - Clad in Seahawks gear, John Sheard held his sleeping baby in intensely crowded Southcenter Mall, hoping to walk out with NFC playoff tickets that eluded his best efforts since Monday morning.

    “We tried to get online, tried buying anything through Ticketmaster, then to go through StubHub and see the incredible amounts of money they want for tickets, it's difficult, Sheard said.

    Sheard noticed the average asking price for Sunday’s game tickets was more than $700.

    Seahawks fan Rudy Guererro agreed. He came to the mall out of frustration. “I’ve been trying to buy some tickets online but they're really, really expensive,” said Guererro.

    They were among thousands of Seahawks fans who gladly bought stacks of $10 Washington Lottery scratch tickets, because each one meant a chance to enter a drawing for Seahawks game tickets. At 7 p.m., when lottery officials began drawing names of winners, the barrel was loaded with thousands of entries.

    Jeff Pimentel was among the first winners of two Charter-level seats. He called his wife. "Guess what? I got the tickets,” he shouted. “I guess now we're going to the game!"

    Seahawks season ticket holder Johnny Patchamatla is one of about 2,500 who have tickets to sell.

    “They’re club seats,” he said, describing the tickets, which showed the face price: $410. “I’m listing them on Craigslist for $1500.00, with parking included.” According to StubHub.com listings, Patchamatla was asking hundreds of dollars less than sellers with similar tickets.

    “I can’t blame anyone with tickets for making a choice that’s beneficial for their family,” he said, adding: “It’s what the market will bear.”

    Kelvin Antonio discovered the seats he won were being sold for nearly 2,000 dollars each.

    “No, I won’t sell them at any price, He said. I'm going to the game, no matter what!"

    Winner Crystal Cailing agreed with Antonio. “The Seahawks are going to be going to the Super Bowl, she said. “I want to be a witness to that!"

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