• Seahawks fan puts up big display to prove point

    By: David Ham


    Dale Carlson filled his front porch and lawn with Seahawks gear after he said one of the board members of his homeowners' association confronted him about one of the flags.

    "He came up here New Year’s Day and was hollering and screaming at me about the flags I was flying," said Carlson.

    Carlson said the board member said an American flag in Seahawks colors was insulting to the Stars and Stripes.

    "I just don't understand. I think it's getting to be a little bit of a personal issue here now," said Carlson.

    KIRO 7 knocked on the door of the board member's house to ask about the display but he wasn't home. Our call to the Larimer Crossing Homeowners Association was not returned.

    The controversy over Carlson's display in Snohomish County has been brewing for months.

    In October, the HOA threatened to fine Carlson for putting up a giant 12th Man flag on a flag pole on his front lawn. He moved the flags to his front porch and was never fined.

    Many neighbors support Carlson for his extravagant display.

    "The Seahawks are on a roll for another three weeks and he's a big sports fan. More power to him," said Roger Sloan. "The whole thing's a crock as far as I'm concerned.”

    However, some think the feud between Carlson and the HOA is getting out of hand.

    "I'm beginning to wonder if it's an issue between him and the HOA as opposed to him being a fan," said Cynthia Bonner, who lives down the street from Carlson.

    She's also a Seahawks fan but thinks the display may be over the top.

    "I don’t have a problem with people showing what they like but I think that's a little too much," said Bonner.

    Carlson said he bought the flag at a Seahawks game.

    He said he plans to keep the beefed-up display until the Seahawks lose or win the Super Bowl.

    "Superstitious, maybe. I mean, they're going to go to the Super Bowl, you know, and I want to be a part of it," said Carlson.

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