• Seabeck teenager playing with a bullet accidentally shot himself

    By: Kevin McCarty


    Seabeck, Wash. - Kitsap county sheriff's investigators were dispatched to a call of a teenager shot only to find a mystery. No gun, no shooter, but a 16 -year-old in the driveway of his residence with what appeared to be a bullet wound.

     Deputies were dispatched to the home in the 4500 block of Gross Road Northwest shortly before noon Monday after a caller said a shot was heard and the teenager collapsed in the driveway of his home.  He was taken to Tacoma General Hospital for treatment of what initially appeared to be some sort of injury, possibly a gunshot wound. “We have to wait until the hospital officials report back to us on the nature of the wound and what caused it,” said Kitsap County sheriff’s spokesman deputy Scott Wilson.

     By midafternoon investigators were focusing on the possibility the boy accidentally caused a round to discharge while he was trying to remove the bullet from the casing and somehow set off the primer and gunpowder. Wilson said the teenager may have been gripping the casing with pliers at the time he was injured. Wilson added the teenager is developmentally disabled and it was difficult to get a clear description of what happened.

    The boy remained in Tacoma General for treatment as of Monday night. Due to federal privacy laws no information about his condition was released.



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