• Sea-Tac workers won't cash in on Prop 1

    By: Alison Grande


    SEATAC, Wash. - Sea-Tac Airport workers won’t get be getting a paycheck boost after all.

    On Friday, a King County judge struck down Proposition One, the $15  minimum wage for workers at Sea-Tac Airport.

    The judge said the airport is on Port of Seattle property and does not fall under City of SeaTac jurisdiction. 

    That means 4,700 workers at the airport will no longer be getting the new $15 minimum wage.

     The decision was a huge disappointment to workers at the airport counting on more cash.

    Joshua Vina works for Menzies Aviation.  He found out about the decision on his way to work Friday.

    “It’s a real big disappointment after all the fighting, all the struggles,” said Vina.  "It was actually going to help me pay a lot of things off.  It was going to have me have more money and have a lot more things to give my wife and my son. I’m barely supporting them right now with this.” 

     Janaee Zimmerman coordinates taxis for Yellow Cab at the airport.   “Hearing this, my heart just sunk. I feel like I can never get ahead,” said Zimmerman.

    She makes $11.90 an hour.

    “Me and my family, we had big plans. We thought the $15 thing was going to go through. We started dreaming for it,” Zimmerman added.

     The 1,600 workers at hotels, rental car lots and parking lots off airport property will still get the $15 minimum wage.

    At Master Park across the street from the airport, an employee said “that’s not fair.”  A manager kept him from talking further.

     Supporters of Proposition One said they will appeal the decision to the State Supreme Court.

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