• School bus crash leaves kids injured and parents angry


    TACOMA, Wash. - Parents are outraged with the Tacoma School District following a collision between a school bus and a car.

    The crash happened at Mildred Street West and South 19th Street on Tuesday night. At least three Mason Middle School students were injured.

    "I flew into the seat in front of me, I flew back, and then I fell on the floor," said 14-year-old Savonna Fields.

    Following the crash, the school district did not call the students' parents.

    Instead, Fields said, the students had to use their own cellphones to call home.

    Fields' mother, Angelika Crawford, said that nobody even asked her daughter if she was hurt.

    "How could my child be put in the hands of somebody and they don't even care?" Crawford asked.

    Doctors gave Fields a neck brace and told the girl she had neck and back injuries, as well as a concussion.

    "I feel real sick," Fields said. "My head hurts a lot."

    Crawford is still angry about how the school district handled the crash. She called the incident a "very, very big failure."

    District officials said they are reviewing how the crash was handled. They said a police officer did come on board the bus and he asked the kids if anyone was hurt.

    Fields said she remembers seeing the officer, but it was so noisy on the bus she did not hear what he said.

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