• School acts after students' use of pot, booze doubles

    By: Rob Munoz


    SEATTLE - Administrators at Roosevelt High School in North Seattle said they're taking action after multiple incidents of students being caught with marijuana and alcohol.

    According to a letter sent home to parents and dated Mar. 3, students either caught with or under the influence of marijuana and alcohol have doubled for this school year compared to last.

    Half of those have been freshmen.

    A Roosevelt High student told KIRO 7 she sees students with cigarettes, weed and alcohol often.

    "People are like actually buying cigarettes from people. People are dealing cigarettes to people. It's like how a lot of people are dealing marijuana, a lot of people have become addicted to it just like I have," the student said as she took a drag from a cigarette.

    Roosevelt administration said at least a dozen students have been caught this year.

    "It's like, 'Oh we're in high school now, we can do what we want. It's not that cool, nobody cares, it's cool,'" the same student said of student behavior.

    Principal Brian Vance is now scheduling at least two sessions, one for parents and students, and another for students, to show them the dangers of being caught or under the influence of pot and alcohol.

    "I'm trying to find out, what's the difference? Is it some change in society? Is it just our awareness as staff that we’ve become more aware of it?" Vance said.

    He said teachers and staff try to discipline the students the best they can with remediation, and hopefully this next step of introducing others who have been in the same shoes can do something.

    "They're probably stories the students can relate to, and hopefully can say, 'Oh, that could be me,' and if that is, then there are other choices," Vance said.

    Ultimately, Vance said they hope they can cut the numbers of students disciplined down significantly.

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