• SCAM ALERT: Seahawks-49ers fake tickets being sold

    By: Henry Rosoff


    Scammers are just as excited about Sunday's Seahawks-49ers game as fans.

    A Kent police spokeswoman said more than 20 people are victims of the same particularly convincing scam on Craigslist.

    She said the scammers bought some legitimate season tickets from someone and high-quality fakes -- as Maggie Bruns found out first hand.

    "It's got the perforated edge, and picture is exactly the same as the ones this year, and paper weight is right," Bruns said.

    She only recently found out they were fake, when she tried to re-sell them and buy better tickets. As soon as she posted online, she got e-mails from fellow fans wondering why she was selling their tickets.

    "Same section, same row, same seats, and even the same bar-code number," said a disheartened Bruns. "It's just a bunch of diehard Seahawks fans that want to go to the game, and they're just ruining the experience."

    KIRO 7 searched Craigslist, and did not find the scammer's posting. However, KIRO did find a post from someone else, warning about a scammer selling "fraudulent tickets" in Renton and Kent.

    KIRO 7 called the number for the scammers in the warning post. It rang through repeatedly to a  voice-mail box that was not set up yet.

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