• Santa with too much ‘holiday cheer' tries for free ride on duck boat


    SEATTLE -  After being denied a free ride on the Ride the Ducks tour Saturday, a drunken man dressed as Santa Claus ripped down Christmas lights and tried to flee before he was detained by mall security and police, according to the Seattle Police Department.

    Shortly after 6:30 p.m., employees of the Ride the Ducks tour were unloading passengers from one of the amphibious vehicles near Fourth Avenue and Pine Street when the man in a Santa suit climbed aboard.

    When conductors asked the man, who smelled of alcohol, if he had a ticket, he said he did not.  He then said he had ID and asked if he could go on the next trip.

    When employees ordered the man off the vehicle, he at first refused to leave, but then in a burst of sudden activity, ran off the boat and began climbing its side, ripping down a string of Christmas lights on the way.

    He then ran away but was stopped by Westlake Mall security when they were flagged down by Ride the Ducks employees.

    When questioned, the man said he accidentally pulled down the duck vehicle’s Christmas lights after slipping on wet pavement.

    Officers documented the incident before releasing the man at the scene.

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