• Sammamish residents worried prized drinking water in jeopardy

    By: David Ham


    A citizen group called Sammamish Citizens for Clean Water is worried the city's prized drinking water could be in jeopardy if the city takes over the independent water district.

    "It's pure water, nothing is added to it. (It) comes out of these five deep wells," said Wayne DeMeester.

    The water managed by the Northeast Sammamish Sewer and Water District has been named the best tasting water in the Pacific Northwest and the second best in North America by the American Water Works Association.

    That's why DeMeester says the water shouldn't be messed with.

    "It's not broken, it's running very well," said DeMeester.

    The city of Sammamish is considering taking over the independent water district.

    "We're looking at providing smart government; government that works at a lower cost with a higher degree of service," said Deputy City Manager Lyman Howard.

    But some residents worry the city could cut costs and efficiency by even adding chlorine in the water and tainting the taste.

    DeMeester said the Sammamish Citizens for Clean Water even knocked on 600 doors asking residents if they wanted the city to take over the independent water district. He said about 95 percent of people said "no".

    "That's a very precious thing," said DeMeester.

    We asked the city if there are any plans to add chlorine or chemicals to the water.

    "You don't need to fear that. We would protect the quality of water that they're enjoying now," said Howard.

    Even though the Water District declined to work with the city on a feasibility study the city is still considering spending about $40,000 on a consultant’s study to see if the merge is a good idea.


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