• Sailor ambushed after answering Craigslist ad


    BREMERTON, Wash. - Bremerton police say three men used a picture of a woman to lure a man into a trap.

    A 20-year-old sailor thought he was going out on a date with a woman he met on a Craigslist ad. He arranged to join her at a home after exchanging several emails and text messages, including one that contained her picture.

    Instead, he met three men on Tuesday night who, police say, were waiting to rob him.

    "One of them had a gun," Sgt. Kevin Crane said, "and demanded all his property. They robbed him of everything he had on him."

    The victim was able to flag down a police officer, who found three suspects, Corey Matthews, Christopher Monroe and Ronald Newton, walking down the street.

    The victim identified all three of the suspects.

    Bremerton police said that they don't know if a woman was involved in the scam, or if the woman in the texted picture is even from the Bremerton area.

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