• Sacramento mayor cautions Seattle not to celebrate too early


    SACRAMENTO, Calif. -  The mayor of Sacramento informed media Tuesday afternoon that he was continuing to work on keeping the Kings in the city.

    Mayor Kevin Johnson spoke about the sale of the city’s NBA team.


    "We have done what any community should do to keep this team here, and certainly we are going to build on that,” Johnson said.


    On Monday, NBA officials announced that it received an executive purchase and sale agreement for the Kings. This would give ownership to a Seattle investor group led by Chris Hansen.


    Johnson asked for a few people to come forward and contribute $1 million for the franchise on Thursday. He then said in the news conference that 19 people pledged $1 million each.  


    Johnson also said he had a plan to get an ownership group to make an offer on purchasing the Kings franchise.


    “I caution the city of Seattle not to celebrate too early. We have something that’s ours. We will do everything we can to keep it,” said Johnson.


    March 1 is the NBA’s deadline to file for relocation.

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