• Rusting ship feared as threat to Port Ludlow's pleasure boats


    PORT LUDLOW, Wash. - A rusting derelict ship towed into a marina filled with pleasure boats could let loose damage in a windstorm, boaters at Port Ludlow fear.


    The New Star, 180 feet of floating decay, is winning over no fans, said KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reporter Graham Johnson.


    "It's gotta go," said marina manager Kori Ward.


    Randall Shelley lives above the marina and keeps a boat there.


    "I really, really, really don't want that big thing to go crashing through in a big heavy storm," he said.


    He said he fears a strong south wind could push the ship into smaller boats, and even wipe out the fuel dock.


    After years at a Tacoma marina, the New Star was being towed to Mexico to be scrapped. About a month ago, it turned up at Port Ludlow.


    Ward said she was told a barge would dock here briefly -- not a rusty ship that has stayed for weeks.


    Owner Rick Marincin told KIRO 7 Eyewitness News he never intended to deceive anyone when the Mexican tugboat he hired to meet the new star didn't show up.


    Port Ludlow is the only place that would accept it, and really they should not have accepted it. They're helping me out," Marincin said.


    The owner said he stripped the ship of contaminants, so it poses little environmental threat.


    Marincin said he's paying for a Vessel Assist boat to be on hand when the wind picks up, to pull the New Star away from the dock and keep it under control during storms.


    And he promises the New Star will soon be gone.


    Marincin said he hopes to have a deal with a new towing company in a few days to take this ship out of Port Ludlow to Mexico.

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