Russell Wilson makes child his goddaughter one day before she dies


SEATTLE - Russell Wilson made a child his goddaughter—one day before she passed away.

Little Ailynn, battling severe illness at Seattle Children’s Hospital, asked Wilson to be her godfather.

‘She asked for me to be her Godfather!,’ shared Wilson with a photograph on Instagram. ‘I said Yes!’

Shortly after they met, Ailynn passed away.


Ailynn’s sister wrote to Russell, according to his blog: “It’s Ailynn’s sister. Ailynn unfortunately died at 3:00 a.m. Thanks for always making her happy, we appreciate it.”

Russell then shared a photo, together with Ciara and Ailynn.

“My heart, thoughts, and prayers go out to my goddaughter, Ailynn, and her family, as she is now with our Heavenly Father. I know you’ll be swinging your 12 flag over Centurylink this Sunday sweetie.”

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