• Runners gather in West Seattle For Boston Marathon memorial

    By: Alison Grande


    SEATTLE - A moving memorial was held in West Seattle Monday afternoon after the deadly bombing at the Boston Marathon.

    The run was organized by Lori McConnell, owner of West Seattle Runner.  McConnell ran the Boston Marathon twice. She had friends running in it Monday. McConnell said she heard from them “and they're OK and with their family spectating. Everyone's accounted for.”

     McConnell knew bringing runners together Monday was the right thing to do, "We all grieve in our own ways but runners tend to grieve by running."

    The 3-mile run started outside McConnell's store at California Avenue  SW and SW Charleston Street. They ran to SW California and SW Massachusetts Street.

    That's where they put a sign, a Boston "B" with a yellow ribbon, onto the street sign.

    Rose Feliciano ran the Boston Marathon in 2010. Feliciano wore her 2010 race shirt on Monday. She said running makes her feel better and came, "to remind myself and to make sure other runners know we're all in it together."

     Kirsten Garner, who says she has a time that will quality her for next year's Boston Marathon told us, "I just wanted to be around runners today."

     Next year, she plans to be in Boston. She said Monday's bombing makes her “even more motivated” to run next year.

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