• Rules to remember for upcoming Husky Football season


    SEATTLE - It’s Husky time again, and this Saturday at 7 p.m. will kick off a whole new season in a newly renovated stadium. 

    But with the new stadium comes new questions as to what fans can and can’t bring come game day. So, here are some things to keep in mind if you’ll be one of those fans cheering on the team. 


    All bags that you bring in will be inspected, but they DO NOT have to be clear or freezer-bag sized like the bags required at Century Link Field.

    *Banners and Signs

    You can bring in signs or banners boasting whatever you’d like, as long as it’s not offensive or commercial, and as long as you can hold the sign in your hands. No signs on sticks or poles are allowed and the banners cannot hang from anything within the stadium or block other fans from viewing the game.


    Tailgating is a long-standing tradition at the Husky stadium that Seattleites hold dear—and the tradition carries over to the new stadium, too. Stadium officials ask that everyone adheres to all laws and rules and say they won’t allow anyone who is overly intoxicated to stay at the game. Alcohol cannot be brought into the stadium from outside, but it can be purchased once inside. Alcohol can only be consumed at certain places within the stadium, including: The Club Husky by Lexus, the Don James Center, Suite Level, Press Level sky suites, Football operations, and Northwest and Southwest Viewing decks. 


    You can bring snacks and drinks with you to the game, but make sure you have everything in plastic bottles and containers. Glass bottles, cans, coolers, flasks, or glass containers aren’t allowed inside the stadium. 


    You can only use your own cheers to root on the Huskies. Any noisemakers, beach balls, megaphones, etc. are prohibited inside the stadium. 


    You can capture all those memorable moments of the game through pictures, but camcorders for recording video aren’t allowed. Camera bags will also be inspected at the gates. 

    >>> Information on stadium rules is from huskystadium.com.

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