• ‘Rolling gun shop' found loaded with stolen goods


    KIRKLAND, Wash. -  

     Police said thousands of dollars  in stolen goods that included guns, ammunition and jewels were found inside an SUV that investigators said was basically a “rolling arsenal or gun shop.”


    Police said the Snohomish County Auto Theft Task Force was called in when a Chevy Tahoe was stolen from a Kirkland motel parking lot.


    According to the Herald, a GPS tracking device had been put somewhere on the SUV by the dealer who was financing the car.


    Detectives were able to track it down at a home in Cathcart, about 15 miles north of Kirkland.


    A couple was found in the SUV who told officers they were heading out on a road trip to Idaho.


    Investigators said that when they searched the SUV, they found stolen property that included guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition.


    Also found inside the SUV were a few bags of jewels including diamonds, rubies and sapphires, plus jewelry, some collectible coins and a number of power tools, investigators said.


    Police said that including another stolen vehicle that was found at the home in Cathcart, the stolen property totaled about $50,000.


    The couple was booked into the Snohomish County Jail.


    Anyone who believes some of the stolen items could be theirs should call the police agency where they filed a police report.

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