• Robber shoots store clerk over beer

    By: Alison Grande


    SEATTLE - A store clerk was shot Friday night after confronting a robber at 9th and James on Seattle's First Hill.

    Police said a man walked into the 76 Gas Station just after 8 p.m. Friday and stole a six pack of beer. The clerk yelled at the man to stop but the man ran outside. The clerk chased him down the block. That's where investigators say the robber shot the store clerk in the ankle. An accomplice picked up the gunman.

    “A (Chevrolet) Caprice drives out to pick up the dude that's running. And right here at this corner we have a shooting where the clerk gets shot in the leg over a beer,” said Captain Neil Low, Seattle Police Department.

    The clerk walked back to the store and waited for police. He was taken to Harborview Medical Center which is just a block away.

    Police are searching for the gunman and the accomplice. The robber was wearing a green coat, a red scarf around his neck and covering his chin, and khaki pants. Police say the scarf wasn't suspicious because it was so cold outside. The getaway car was described as about a 1985 model Chevy Caprice.

    Investigators have clear surveillance video. Detectives took pictures of the video to share with other officers so they could track down the men.

    Police stopped a Chevy Caprice they believe was involved in the robbery as it was headed south on interstate 5 at Albro. Two women were inside the car when it was stopped. Detectives had the vehicle towed. They will search it for evidence.

    The gunman and accomplice have not been found.

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