• Road rage shooting suspect pleads not guilty


    SEATTLE - The man accused of fatally shooting Yancy Noll in North Seattle in a possible case of road rage pleaded not guilty to murder in a courtroom packed with Noll's friends.


    Police believe Dinh Bowman, 29, was driving a BMW convertible that pulled alongside a car driven by 43-year-old Noll on Aug. 31 as Noll was returning home from his job as a wine steward.


    Bowman  is accused of firing five shots at Noll.  Three of the bullets hit Noll in the head.   He died in his car. The gunman sped away.


    Wearing buttons with the victim's picture on them,  at least 45 of Noll's friends packed the courtroom for Bowman's arraignment Monday morning.


    In September, a judge ordered Bowman held without bond after being told he had concealed evidence of the crime, including driving his car to Portland to have a window replaced, and after parking it in his garage,  he worked to repair it and repainted its wheels.


    Noll's friends said they were relieved that no bail was set.


    “So that is a nice piece of mind to know he will still be behind bars and not be able to be out in society,” said Noll’s friend Brad Kenny.


    Noll's friends said they will be in court every step of the way.


    “(Noll) was generous to a fault. When you were with him, you were what mattered,” said friend Annie Jacobsen.


    Detectives do not have a motive for the shooting but said Bowman's actions were premeditated and intentional.


    “There may be no motive at all, and that’s even more chilling and disturbing.  But as I say, these detectives are on this case in a way that’s pretty remarkable,” said King County Deputy Prosecutor Scott O'Toole.


    Bowman is being represented by prominent Seattle defense lawyer John Henry Browne, who  has represented such high-profile clients as Colton Harris-Moore, Ted Bundy and Martin Pang.  Browne is also representing Staff Sgt. Robert Bales, the U.S. soldier accused of killing 16 Afghan citizens.

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