• Rewards offered in case of Woodinville man found slain in home

    By: Colleen West , Digital Editor


    WOODINVILLE, Wash. - The son of a man whose body was found at a Woodinville home last month held a news conference about rewards offered for more information in the case.

    The body of 71-year-old Earl J. Cossey was found  at his home on the night of April 26.  Police said they believe he was murdered on April 23 or in the early hours of April 24.

    Cossey is best known for his connection to hijacker D.B. Cooper.  In 1971, authorities called on Cossey to pack parachutes for the hijacker known as D.B. Cooper, who then jumped out of an airplane between Seattle and Portland with $200,000.

    The hijacker’s body was never found and the crime has become a Northwest legend.

    But the King County Sheriff’s Office, as well as Cossey’s son, Wayland Cossey, said there was no evidence that there is a connection between the hijacking case and the slaying.

    After Earl Cossey was slain, his son said he had his father’s mail forwarded to his home.  Several days after his father’s body was found, Wayland Cossey received his father’s identification, bank cards and credit cards in an anonymous letter.

    Wayland Cossey said a $1,000 reward is available to the person who sent the cards and ID back to Earl Cossey’s home.

    Police said the person who mailed the cards is not believed to be a suspect in the case.  Investigators believe Earl Cossey’s wallet was stolen by his killer who then discarded the cards and identification.  Police want to know where the cards where found, as it might lead to the suspect.

    In addition, a $2,500  reward  was offered for information leading to the arrest and charges filed for the person responsible for Earl Cossey’s slaying.

    Wayland Cossey described his father was a well-liked and respected teacher and coach, and described him as a man of peace who had no enemies and was a joy to be around.

    Police said they have many leads they are following in the case but declined to provide more information.  They also said that someone had gone through the victim's home, but would not say if anything was stolen.

    Wayland Cossey and investigators asked anyone with information about the case to contact police.

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