Residents unhappy about new strip club sign

by: Jeff Dubois Updated:

SEATTLE - Dream Girls at Rick's, a notorious strip club on Lake City Way, will soon have a new sign to lure customers in.

And some residents are not happy about it.

The Seattle Department of Planning and Development has approved an 8-foot by 16-foot, double-sided video sign for the strip club.

The marquis is expected to display risqué pictures of scantily-clad women.

"I live like five blocks down and I wouldn't be walking by watching that,” said Lake City resident Natasha Laughlin.

She’s not alone.

A group of residents are pushing back against the new video sign.

On its blog, the group Families For Lake City posted:

"Rick's location makes it well-suited for catching the eyes of school children, as school bus route travel through the intersection."

Residents are hoping to form a neighborhood design review board that would have authority to approve or restrict questionable signs, before the Department of Planning and Development gives its stamp of approval.