• Reports of man grabbing kids causes scare at Ballard park

    By: Rick Price


    SEATTLE - Seattle police are keeping a close eye on Ballard’s Salmon Bay Park after reports of a man trying to grab children and harassing families in the park’s playground area.  

     A KIRO 7 crew saw police patrolling the park early Wednesday morning.

    In order to get the word out, a parent wrote a letter to the My Ballard Blog. You can read the post here.

    The mother who wrote the letter said her daughter was playing on the zip line when they noticed the man.

     Shortly afterward, the little girl went to play on the slide.  The mother said the man came straight to the slide and reached for her daughter, but she intercepted.

     The letter said the man then "grabbed at" a boy riding the zip line.  At least three parents called 911 and most left the area, feeling threatened.  The mother wrote that the man screamed at them to come back.

    The letter said that the man was gone when police arrived about an hour later.  Several parents have tweeted that they think that police took far too long to arrive.

    The blog post said a Seattle police officer told parents they may have a suspect who is a new person on the scene who should be considered dangerous.

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