• Report: Sacramento group's bid to buy Kings requires Maloof family to kill Seattle deal


    SACRAMENTO, Calif. - A bid submitted by a group of Sacramento investors trying to buy the Kings would require the Maloof family to terminate its deal with Seattle investor Chris Hansen, a source told the Sacramento Bee.

    The bid, which was submitted late Tuesday, requires the controlling owners to end their deal with Hansen even before the Sacramento group negotiates a final, binding offer.

    The Bee reported that in such a scenario, the NBA Board of Governors wouldn't even vote on the Hansen deal.

     The source said the Sacramento group's offer doesn't include a deposit.  Hansen's deal does.

    According to the Sacramento Bee's source, the Maloofs told the NBA in a letter that they wanted to go ahead with the Seattle deal and have the NBA board vote on it as soon as possible.

    The board had planned to decide whether or not the Sacramento Kings would relocate to Seattle on Friday, but now the possible vote is a week or two away.

    The board will still meet in New York Friday, when NBA Commissioner David Stern will meet with the media and address the situation. 


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